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This page contains information about the Hall family history.

Information is provided in family groups:

David Arthur Hall, b. Feb. Feb. 10, 1948,
married (1) Paulette, b. Feb 26, 1952 Brigham City, Box Elder, UT
on Aug. 21, 1975. Divorced
    Christy Hall
    Daniel Hall
    Brian Hall
        married Laura Arnold
            son Felix Christian Hall, b. Dec. 21, 2006, St. George, UT

            son Ezra Jackson Hall, b. Jan. 11, 2009, Ann Arbor, MI
            son Dexter Noah Hall, b. Aug. 3, 2011, Plymouth, MN
    Rachel Hall
    Spencer Hall

Charles Hall b. 18 Jan 1917 St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida
married Beatrice Eliasen b. 17 Aug 1911 Hovland, Cook, Minnesota
on 12 May 1942 at Orlando, Orange, Florida
    Beatrice Hall b. 10 Feb 1943 Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida (stillborn)
    Charles Hall b. 16 July 1944 Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota; d. 13 Sep 1963

    Cynthia Hall b. 10 Feb 1948 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota; d 10 Jan 2005
    David Hall b. 10 Feb 1948 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota

(Rev.) John "B" Hall b. 21 Apr 1878 Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio
married Lela Fisher Yoder b. 20 Aug 1880 Conover, Catawba, NC
on 4 June 1901 at Newton, Catawba, NC
    Lela Elizabeth Hall b. 10 Mar 1903 Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, SC d. 31 Oct 1955
    John Robert Hall b. 19 Feb 1908 Gastonia, Gaston, NC d. Oct 1954
    Margaret Ellen Hall b 27 Sept 1909 Gastonia, Gaston, NC d. 1990's
    Charles Noah Hall b. 18 Jan 1917 St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL d. 19 Aug 1979
    (Rev.) William Edward Hall b. 25 Feb 1922 Koblenz, Germany d. 1980's

Johan Eliasen b. 6 Nov 1867 Aale, Onsoy, Ostfold, Norway
married Anna Birgitte Jacobsen b. 18 Apr 1879
on 14 Nov 1896 at Duluth, St. Louis, MN
    Julius Edward Eliasen b. 10 Aug 1897 Hovland, Cook, MN
    Arthur William Eliasen b. 12 May 1900 Hovland, Cook, MN
    John Henry Eliasen b. 25 Sept 1902 Hovland, Cook, MN
    Edwin Bernhard Eliasen b. 19 Dec 1904 Hovland, Cook, MN
    Viola Genevieve Eliasen b. 6 Dec 1908 Hovland, Cook, MN d. 8 Dec 1908
    Beatrice Joy Eliasen b. 17 Aug 1911 Hovland, Cook, MN d. Feb 1995
    Arnold Clarence Eliasen b. 22 Feb 1914 Hovland, Cook, MN d. Apr 2000

Elias Hall b. 31 July 1823 possibly in Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah, VA
married (2) Elizabeth Downey b. 25 June 1845
on 10 May 1872
    William Harvey Hall b. 2 Feb 1873 Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio d. 21 June 1935
    Benjamin Franklyn Hall b. 25 Oct 1875 Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio d. 28 July 1926
    (Rev.) John "B" Hall b. 21 Apr 1878 Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio d. 18 Nov 1968
    an infant daughter who was buried the same time as her mother

(Rev. Dr.) Robert Anderson Yoder b. 16 Aug 1853 Lincoln Co., NC
married Rosa Elizabeth Fisher b. 22 Mar 1855 Concord, Cabarrus, NC
on 9 May 1878 at Litaker Twp., Rowan, NC
Mary Pearl Yoder b. 12 Mar 1879 Conover, Catawba, NC d. 3 May 1880
Lela Fisher Yoder b. 20 Aug 1880 Conover, Catawba, NC d. 6 Oct 1946
Maude Elizabeth Yoder b. 19 July 1882, Rowan Co., NC d. 11 June 1965
Blanche Irene Yoder b. 24 Oct 1885 Newton, Catawba, NC d. 25 July 1969
Margretta Anna Yoder b. 26 Feb 1889 Conover, Catawba, NC d. 22 July 1950
Robert Able Yoder b. 20 May 1893 Hickory, Catawba, NC d. 23 Dec 1956
Paul Allison Yoder b. 9 Mar 1895 Hickory, Catawba, NC d. 12 Feb. 1951

(for further genealogical information about the Yoders in North Carolina, see the Yoder family genealogy site at www.yodernewsletter.org.)

Elias Larsen b. 18 Jan 1826 at Torp Ostre, Onsoy, Ostfold, Norway
married Elen Maria Nielsdatter b. 26 Dec 1830 at Aale, Onsoy, Ostfold, Norway
on 17 June 1853 at Aale, Onsoy, Ostfold, Norway
    Niels Ludvig Eliasen b. 15 July 1853 Aale, Onsoy, Ostfold, Norway
    Bolitte Emilie Eliasdatter b. 11 Dec 1855 Aale, Onsoy, Ostfold, Norway d. 30 Jun 1856
    Bernhart Julius Eliasen b. 5 Mar 1857 Aale, Onsoy, Ostfold, Norway d. 1 Jan 1859
    Bernhart Julius Eliasen b. 1 Nov 1859 Aale, Onsoy, Ostfold, Norway
    Emil Marentcius Eliasen b. 8 Sep 1862 Aale, Onsoy, Ostfold, Norway d. 19 Dec 1945
    Johan Eliasen b. 6 Nov 1867 Aale, Onsoy, Ostfold, Norway d. 7 Jan 1953
    Hanna Marie Eliasdatter b. 11 Nov 1870 Aale, Onsoy, Ostfold, Norway

Johan Jacobsen b. 6 Dec 1838
married Elen Martha Svendsdatter b. 24 May 1841
on 3 Oct 1866 at Stadsbygden, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
    Svend Jacobsen b. 23 June 1866 Stadsbygden, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
    Bernt Jacobsen b. 6 Oct 1868 Stadsbygden, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
    Olaus Jacobsen b. 12 May 1871 Stadsbygden
    Johan Jacobsen b. 12 Apr 1874 Stadsbygden
    Anne Marie Jacobsdatter b. 29 Aug 1876 Stadsbygden
    Anna Birgitte Jacobsdatter b. 18 Apr 1879 Stadsbygden
    Johan Martin Jacobsen b. 26 June 1882 Stadsbygden
    Mette Olise Jacobsdatter b. 25 Dec 1884 Stadsbygden
    Ingeborg Anna Jacobsdatter b. 1 Sep 1887 d. 1896    Stadsbygden

Great-great grandparents:
Samuel Hall
married Cathryn Shereman
on 8 Dec 1806
    Samuel, Jr.
    Elias Hall b. 31 July 1823 Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah, Virginia

Solomon Yoder b. 17 May 1805
married Sarah Seagle b. 11 Sep 1809
on 27 Sep 1832
    Alfred Yoder b. 9 May 1833 North Carolina
    Daniel A. Yoder b. 5 Oct 1834 North Carolina
    Mary A. Yoder b. 5 Oct 1834 North Carolina
    Emaline Margaret Yoder b. 29 Sep 1836 North Carolina
    Elizabeth C. Yoder b. 30 June 1838 North Carolina
    Sarah E. Yoder b. 8 May 1840 North Carolina
    John F. Yoder b. Jan-Aug 1842 North Carolina
    David Yoder b. 28 July 1844 North Carolina
    Adolphus Yoder b. Aug-Dec 1846 North Carolina
    Laban Yoder b. 18 Jan 1849 Cabarrus Co., North Carolina
    William Yoder b. 21 Apr 1851 Cabarrus Co., North Carolina
    (Rev. Dr.) Robert Anderson Yoder b. 16 Aug 1853 Lincoln Co., North Carolina

Third Great Grandparents:
David Yoder b. 3 Apr 1770
married Elizabeth Reep b. abt. 1872, d. 31 Oct 1846
    Conrad Yoder
    Adolphus Yoder
    David Yoder b. 1799
    Solomon Yoder b. 17 May 1805
    Eli Yoder
    Andrew Yoder b. 14 Jan 1812
    Betty Yoder
    Sarah Yoder
    Catherine Yoder
    Fanny Yoder

John Seagle b. 24 Sep 1775
married Barbara Ascherbrenner b. ? d. 1832
in about 1800
    John Seagle b. 1801  md. Barbara Coon
    Absolom Seagle b. 27 Oct. 1802 or 1803
    David Seagle b. 1805  md. Sarah Killian
    Jacob Seagle b. 1807 md. Capandana Curtis
    Sarah Seagle b. 11 Sept. 1809 md. Solomon Yoder 27 Sept. 1832
    Elizabeth Seagle b. 11 Jan. 1811 md. George Coon
    Henry Seagle b. 1813
    Barbara Seagle b. 1815 md. John Smith

John Fisher b. 18 May 1794
married Elizabeth Klein or Cline b. 1796
on 13 Oct 1818

John Christian Barnhardt b. 25 Mar 1786 (1792?)
married Elizabeth Leutz b. 4 Sep 1796
on 20 July 1815

Fourth Great Grandparents:
Conrad Yoder
married Christina Klein or Cline
(you can find a history of Conrad Yoder on the Yoder family genealogical site at http://www.yodernewsletter.org/nonamish/conhist.html.)
    John Yoder b. 26 Oct. 1764  md. Mary Barbara Reep
    Jacob Yoder b. 13 Dec. 1767  md. Catherine Dellinger
    David Yoder b. 3 Apr. 1770  md. Elizabeth Reep

Adolph or Philip Reep or Riep
married Christine Ruth Beiber or Catherine Beaver

John Seagle or Siegel
married Margaret Reib?

Henry Ashbreuner
married Barbara Kingery

Louis Fischer
married Christina Thyne or Team b 1 Jan 1768

Michael Klein or Cline
married ? Meisenheimer

John Mathias Barnhardt b. 8 Apr 1752 Philadelphia
married Ann Margaret Boshart or Peck of Mt. Pleasant, Cabarrus, North Carolina
on (13 Apr?) 1785
    John Christian Barnhardt b. 1786 of Mt. Pleasant, Cabarrus, North Carolina
    (Col) George Barnhardt b. 17 Dec 1791 of Mt. Pleasant, Cabarrus, North Carolina

Fifth Great Grandparents:
John Christian Barnhardt b. 5 Apr 1719 St. Johannes in the Palatinate, Germany
married Anna Maria or Mary Elizabeth Barringer b. 26 Aug 1724 Schweigen, Wurttemburg, Germany
in 1750
    Mathias Barnhardt b. 8 Apr 1752 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Mary Caroline Barnhardt b. 16 Apr. 1833 Cabarrus Co., North Carolina  md. Jacob Allison Fisher
    John C. Barnhardt b. abt. 1836 Cabarrus Co., North Carolina
    Leah B. Barnhardt b. abt 1841 Cabarrus Co., North Carolina

Sixth Great Grandparents:
Wilhelm Mathias Barringer (Behringer) b. abt. 1695, of Wuerttemburg, Germany
married Paulina b. abt 1699, of Wuerttemburg, Germany
    John Paul Barringer b. 4 June 1721
    George Henry Barringer b. abt. 1723
    Anna Maria or Mary Elizabeth Barringer b. 1724
    Mathias Barringer b. 30 Oct 1727
    Catherine Barringer b. abt. 1729
    Dolly or Alice Barringer b. abt. 1731 all children born in Wuerttemburg

I have more information than is presently displayed here. We'll be adding more as time goes on.
If you are connected to any of these lines or have any further information about them,
please e-mail me at dave at davehall dot com


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